Batch working lifestyle

Nov 12, 2020/thoughtscareer

After years of being highly multitasking, I have been feeling so stressful and less productive, harder to achieve something significant, and tend to finish only less important tasks in to-do lists.

Multitasking has become such a regular part of my life that I believe I do it well, until I found out that this lifestyle can cause brain damage.

Multitasking might seem like I’m accomplishing multiple things at the same time, but what I’m really doing is quickly shifting my attention and focus from one thing to the next.

Batch working is highly-focused, topic-specific forms of working, dividing my workflow into different long time blocks (days, weeks, months) of one topic instead of jumping around from task to task constantly.

Instead of repeating the same thing day after day, I only have to do it every month or so and then are able to work in a state of focus instead of scrambling.

Some people like focusing by days, where I prefer to focus by “project”. However you decide, it will help me become more efficient, free up mental space, creates a feeling of being “ahead”, reduces stress, and allows you to think with strategy.

The main thing that batch working brings to your business is efficiency. When your plan is clear for the day, it is easy to show up, focus in for an hour or two, and get the job DONE. Instead of half-done, or 99% done, it sets the stage for focused work that is wildly efficient. With just a few hours of focused work, you can be done with one task and not have to think about it again.

I’ve tried batching my days (terrible, I barely got anything ‘batched’ and barely got through my workload), batching my weeks (I got round to my ‘batching tasks’ by Thursday, so…. not great) and batching whole months (so far, this one seems to be working pretty well for me).