React conferences

Oct 20, 2020listsreactevents

React has emerged as the dominant frontend tool preferred by developers. Following are top React conferences to stay up to day, learn from experienced developers, gain perspective, get inspired.

Editor's Picks


React Summit

React Summit is the biggest conference worldwide on all things React. Next to the main conference day, be prepared for a number of hands-on workshops, pre-party meetups, and mini conferences throughout the week of the event.


The original React conference in Europe. Sessions include inspiring keynotes, expert panel discussions, new announcements, and hands-on workshops.


For 4 years in a row, ReactNext has been Israel’s largest and most prestigious conference for the React© framework. The all technical conference brings top local and international speakers to share their experiences with over 1,000 developers in Israel and from all over the world.

React Loop

React Loop is a single day ReactJS conference bringing together a diverse and inclusive group of React enthusiasts from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Speakers will cover topics such as React, React Native, and the related tools in the ever-growing React ecosystem.


ReactiveConf is a place where all of us should network, have fun, laugh, learn new stuff, and enjoy the time that we get to spend together.

React.js Conf

Original conference organized annually by Facebook and its React team, a good place to keep up-to-date with new features and what React team is working on.