React form libraries

Handling forms is hard in web development, that fact doesn’t change in React. You have to take care of many repetitive and annoying stuff like input validation, accessibility, formatting, masking, arrays, visited fields, errors, performance, and handling submission.

Using 3rd-party form libraries is almost a must when dealing with complicated forms, this means you spend less time handling above challenges and more time focusing on your business logic.


Formik is the world’s most popular open source form library for React and React Native. No fancy subscriptions or observables under the hood, just plain React state and props.

React Hook Form

React Hook Form is a performant, flexible and extensible form library, reduces the amount of re-rendering that occurs due to a user typing in an input or other form values changing by relying on uncontrolled components.

React Final Form

React Final Form is a thin React wrapper for Final Form, which is a subscriptions-based form state management library that uses the Observer pattern, so only the components that need updating are re-rendered as the form’s state changes.

Redux Form

Redux Form was the gold standard in React form libraries for years. However, the React community moved away from Redux Form in search of more lightweight and performant alternatives.


Unform is a performance focused library that helps you creating beautiful forms in React with the power of uncontrolled components performance and React Hooks.