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iOS Dependency Managers (SwiftPM, CocoaPods, Carthage)

Bundle and share reusable Swift source files, binaries, and resources in a way that is easy to use in your iOS apps.

Swift Opaque Types

This feature gives you the flexibility to return and preserve the identity of any type, related but different from protocols and generics.

Swift Concurrency Model

Everything you need to build elegant asynchronous apps after concurrency features introduced in Swift 5.5 like async/await, Tasks, and Actors.

iOS App Architectures (MVC, MVVM, VIPER)

Each architecture has pros and cons, MVC is everywhere, MVVM is community favorite, and VIPER is unnecessary complicated.

Cracking the iOS Interview

iOS is a small niche in software development, and the scope of knowledge you need to cover is quite stable over the years.

Jan 20, 2022iosinterviewcareer

Mobile Development Landscape in 2019

An overview look at current mobile development landscape including 4 major platforms iOS, Android, Flutter and React Native.

Sep 24, 2019mobileiosandroid

Great Sites for iOS Developers

I believe we have to constantly learn from others, these sites contain valuable articles and resources that help us to get from good to great.

Mar 17, 2017iossites