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Advanced JavaScript

A place to learn JavaScript beyond the basics

Apr 04, 2021javascriptguides

Joi - The Best Data Validator for JavaScript

A small, simple, intuitive, and standalone library which allows you to describe what shape of data you want using pure JavaScript

Flow - JavaScript Static Type Checker

An introduction to Flow as second-best opt-in solution for static type checking JavaScript codebase compares to TypeScript

JavaScript Features in 2021

Latest not-finalized stage-4-proposal features going to be included in ECMAScript 2021.

Mar 17, 2021javascriptnews

Esbuild - A Fast JavaScript Bundler Written in Go

A trending easy-to-use extremely-fast modern JavaScript bundler and minifier that has API for JavaScript and Go

Rollup - A Solid JavaScript Bundler for Libraries

Rollup was created to build flat distributables of JavaScript libraries as efficiently as possible, taking advantage of ES modules

Mar 10, 2021javascriptlibs

Essential JavaScript Browser APIs

There are a large number of browser APIs available, this post introduces those you might use very often

Mar 02, 2021javascriptguides

JavaScript Host Environments

Host environments implement JavaScript language specification and provides additional platform specific functionality

JavaScript Monorepo Tools

Managing multi-package JavaScript monorepo using Lerna, Rush, Nx or package managers workspaces

JavaScript Static Imports

Static declarations to import and export JavaScript modules

Nov 27, 2020javascriptguides