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Joi - The Best Data Validator for JavaScript

A small, simple, intuitive, and standalone library which allows you to describe what shape of data you want using pure JavaScript

Rollup - A Solid JavaScript Bundler for Libraries

Rollup was created to build flat distributables of JavaScript libraries as efficiently as possible, taking advantage of ES modules

Mar 10, 2021javascriptlibs

Node object-relational mappers (ORMs)

Notable object-relational mapping libraries for Node.js and relational database systems

Nov 06, 2020nodelibslists

Node Realtime Libraries

Notable libraries to build real-time features like notifications, messaging, streaming or tracking in Node

Oct 31, 2020nodelibslists

JavaScript Reactive Programming Libraries

Notable libraries that help you adopt reactive programming paradigm in JavaScript effortlessly

JavaScript Charting Libraries

Notable libraries to draw charts and visualize data in browser

React Loading Indicators

Notable loaders, spinners, progress bars to let user know something is loading in React apps

Oct 28, 2020reactlibslists

JavaScript i18n Libraries

Notable JavaScript internationalization libraries that plays nicely with all major front-end frameworks

JavaScript Object Validators

Notable JavaScript libraries for validating data at runtime

File Upload Libraries

Notable JavaScript file uploader that integrates seamlessly with any web frameworks

Oct 26, 2020webdevlibslists