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Embracing deep work as indie maker

May 09, 2021careermaker

Working from home as indie maker is a real challenge with tons of distractions, deep work is way better than long hours

On system design with naivety

Feb 10, 2021thoughtssystemcareer

Too often that many developers with almost zero experience in system design are put in charge of designing one

Batch working lifestyle

Nov 12, 2020thoughtscareer

I switched from multitasking to batch-working lifestyle and achieved significant productivity boost

On the illusion of work-life balance

Nov 10, 2020thoughtscareer

Getting things done in your professional life while still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life

On expectation of technical blogging

Oct 08, 2019careermakerwriting

Starting a technical blog is easy but maintaining it for a long period of time is a pain in the neck

Imposter syndrome self-diagnosis

Sep 30, 2019thoughtscareer

People say Impostor Syndrome makes you feel like an intellectual fraud. Are you suffering from this phenomenon?

Digital nomad lifestyle of remote web developer

Sep 29, 2019thoughtscareer

The trend of working remotely as web developer while travelling around the world as digital nomad

Benefits of side projects

Aug 22, 2019thoughtscareer

At any given time, I have a side project running. It help me to learn new skills, meet new people and provide a different context in which to showcase my strengths

How hard could it be to become an indie maker?

Jul 07, 2019careermaker

Being a maker is all about building something that solves a problem, or brings happiness to other people

My reflections as an indie maker

Jun 09, 2019careermaker

I wanted to be an indie hacker for multiple reasons but the biggest motivation has always been my passion for building products