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Shortest path to become a fullstack JavaScript developer

Feb 28, 2019career

you want to become a Full-Stack Web Developer in 2019 and land your first job, below is a reference guide with a list of things you should learn

How to become a software architect?

Dec 10, 2018career

The process of becoming a software architect does not happen overnight. As a team lead, I realized what to do and how to deal with stress only a year after I was appointed to an official position

This will make you a minimalist

Apr 08, 2018career

Minimalism is when you use less things to accomplish the same goal. There are many benefits when you become a minimalist

Bye-Bye stuff, hello minimalism!

Feb 14, 2018career

I came across the theme of minimalism and it caught my attention somehow with its simplicity and cleanness

Are you truly innovative?

Jan 15, 2018career

Improving a product or process is not innovative. To innovate, you have to start from a completely blank slate

Do things that do not scale

Feb 14, 2017career

The need to do something to get started is so nearly universal that it might be a good idea to stop thinking of startup ideas as scalars

On the need of building own products

Jan 11, 2017career

It was very intimidating but I always wanted to build something of my own and make enough money for living from that