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Styled-components - The best CSS-in-JS library for React

A CSS-in-JS library that utilizes tagged template literals and power of CSS to allow you to write actual CSS code to your React components

PropTypes - Runtime type checking for React props

Mar 29, 2021toolsreactjavascript

PropTypes was originally exposed as part of the React core module, and is commonly used with React components

Joi - The best data validator for JavaScript

Mar 29, 2021toolsjavascript

A small, simple, intuitive, and standalone library which allows you to describe what shape of data you want using pure JavaScript

TypeScript - The uncontested JavaScript flavor

Mar 28, 2021typescriptjavascript

TypeScript has become the obvious choice when you want to write statically-typed code that compiled to JavaScript

Flow - An opt-in static type checker for JavaScript

An introduction to Flow as second-best opt-in solution for static type checking JavaScript codebase compares to TypeScript

Logical Assignment

JavaScript now supports logical assignment with the new operators &&=, ||=, and ??= from ES2021

JavaScript features in 2021

Mar 17, 2021javascriptecmascript

Latest not-finalized stage-4-proposal features going to be included in ECMAScript 2021

Numeric Separators

A new JavaScript language feature enables underscores as separators in numeric literals to improve readability

Esbuild - A fast JavaScript bundler written in Go

A trending easy-to-use extremely-fast modern JavaScript bundler and minifier that has API for JavaScript and Go

Rollup - A solid JavaScript bundler for libraries

Rollup was created to build flat distributables of JavaScript libraries as efficiently as possible, taking advantage of ES modules