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Jun 06, 2020webdevrendering

What is rehydration and how does it perform compare to other rendering strategies?

What is static rendering?

Mar 20, 2020webdevrendering

Static rendering is a strategy that eagerly generates a separate HTML file for each URL ahead of time at build time

On the incompleteness of prerendering

Mar 11, 2020webdevrendering

Prerendering is a rendering strategy when you pre-render your client-side rendered applications to feed crawlers better

Modern web rendering strategies

Mar 10, 2020webdevrendering

An overview of web rendering strategies like client-side, server-side, universal, prerendering, static, or rehydration

Server-side rendering (SSR)

Mar 06, 2020webdevrendering

Server-side rendering promises that you don’t have problem with search engines as the markup page guarantees to have good SEO every time

Client-side rendering (CSR)

Mar 03, 2020webdevrendering

CSR strategy has very good developer experience but the impact on SEO and user experience still concerned