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On the incompleteness of prerendering

Prerendering is a rendering strategy when you pre-render your client-side rendered applications to feed crawlers better

Mar 11, 2020/webdevrendering

Modern web rendering strategies

An overview of web rendering strategies like client-side, server-side, universal, prerendering, static, or rehydration

Mar 10, 2020/webdevrendering

Server-side rendering (SSR)

Server-side rendering promises that you don’t have problem with search engines as the markup page guarantees to have good SEO every time

Mar 06, 2020/webdevrendering

Client-side rendering (CSR)

CSR strategy has very good developer experience but the impact on SEO and user experience still concerned

Mar 03, 2020/webdevrendering

WebAssembly - The next big thing in web development

An overview of what WebAssembly (Wasm) is, how it works, and it's current position in the web development stack

Mar 02, 2020/webdevwasm

What languages support WebAssembly?

What high-level programming languages currently can use WebAssembly as a compilation target

Mar 02, 2020/webdevwasm

JSON Web Token (JWT)

JWT is an open standard for creating compact and self-contained JSON-based object for transmitting an assertion between parties

Oct 26, 2019/webdev

On temptation of Dark Mode

You don't know whether Dark Mode is overhyped or necessary but you know there is a real temptation of adding it to your sites

Oct 02, 2019/designwebdev

Web security common threats

Common security threats to know before deploying a serious web app

Aug 08, 2019/webdev