Technical blogging, part 1: Overview

I’ve been writing blog posts since 2017 but haven’t learned technical writing properly as a writer. Writing online blog is cheap and as easy as writing JavaScript code, it is something you can do everyday but refuse to learn it professionally.

Practical guides to technical blogging — A blog series about what I've learned to build and maintain a successful technical blog.

Technical writing comes in many forms (blog, books, tutorials, courses, docs, etc) with different expectations. As a software engineer, I write to learn out loud and build personal brand. As an indie maker, I write to run content marketing.

I know the importance of writing but refused to learn it for so long! The real reason is I didn’t want to define myself as a writer or something similar. But recently I feel so hard to publish high quality content on schedule, I know what I want to write but too painful to put into words.

Reading Paul Graham’s essays makes me feel guilty about my quality. I don’t want to be a popular developer with poor published content. I want to learn writing properly to combine with my technical ability to write better blog.