This will make you a minimalist

Apr 08, 2018 • ☕️ 3 min read

Minimalism is when you use less things to accomplish the same goal. There are many benefits when you become a minimalist. Here are 5 of them:

You save more money. How would you like to invest on something else other than your 20th shoes?

You save space. How would you like to be able to move around your room for once?

You save the trouble of cleaning more. How would you like to worry less about taking the whole day to organize and clean?

You save the trouble of going through your junk to move to a new home. How would you like to pack in the fastest way possible without having to think, “do I really need this? should I pack this or donate this? should I do a garage sale for all of these?

You save time. How would you like to spend your time on more important things like hanging out with your friends or going to the gym?

Here are 7 things you can ask yourself when your temptations rise:

Do I need more new clothes, shoes and jewelry?

We have more than enough in our closet. Most of us have too many pairs of socks, shoes, pants and underwear. So start donating or better yet, sell them to fund for your big investments.

Do I need to print(or buy books, magazines or newspapers)?

Let’s face it. We live in a world where printing is becoming unnecessary. Why print when you can upload documents or ebooks into your computer or your phone. Most, if not, all concerts or events can let you in with a digital copy of your ticket nowadays. You can also get books from the library! If the book that you’re looking for is not there. Buy the e-book.

Trust me. Not only will you save time traveling and looking for the physical copy in your local stores, but you’ll also save trees and space.

Do I need to buy CDs(Music, Blu-Ray, Games, etc.)?

We’ve got Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Steampowered and many other subscription-based streaming services online. Use it. You’ll save time, space and money on buying the physical copy. What are the chances of watching it again after recently watching it anyway?

Do I need to buy kitchen/glasswares?

Take the number of people in your household + potential number of guests at a time and you’ll have the sum of what you ought to have. I’m sure you don’t need so many of plates and glasses. Save time, money, space and trouble!

Do I need such a wallet for over 100 cards?

Face it! You don’t ever use 90% of that everytime you go out. I personally have at most 6 cards in my minimalist wallet(that’s what it’s called). It’s faster and easier to grab the card(s) I need to finish my purchase. On top of that, it’s super light too! If you’re worrying about cash when you browse for these, I do have cash every now and then, but at most $40.00. I mostly pay by card.

Do I need a PC or Laptop to live my social media life?

Not really, it would certainly help view it at a larger scale. However, it’s unnecessary. Your phone is capable of running those programs and viewing them. Have you seen yourself without a phone in your face? Yeah. It’s there 24/7. If you buy a PC, you have to get a desk. If you have buy a laptop, well, it doesn’t eat up much space, but it did blow a hole in your pocket.

Do I need heaters?

Depending on where you are, yes you need it. Or you’ll literally freeze to death. Otherwise, you can just wear athletic hoodies, pants and socks. If you want to go far, you can cover your windows with plastic. It acts as a double insulator. Trust me, it works to trap the cold. It won’t do it completely, but it’ll be noticeable.

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