Design principles behind CSS language

May 10, 2021css-conceptscss

Before you complain about CSS problems at scale or request new features, you should read the design principles behind it

What CSS versions are you talking about?

May 08, 2021css-practicescss

Currently CSS versioning is a mess with countless separate modules, CSS3 literally refers to anything beyond CSS2.1, and there is no such thing as CSS4

On implementation of CSS parsers

May 07, 2021css-conceptscss

Being able to process and transform CSS before running in browser is powerful and open to a lot of possibilities

Adopting graceful degradation in CSS

May 05, 2021css-practicescss

Starting out with mostly latest cutting-edge CSS features then adding fallbacks gracefully

Adopting progressive enhancement in CSS

May 04, 2021css-practicescss

Starting out with mostly basic widely-supported CSS features, then adding newer ones if supported progressively

What happens when errors occur in CSS

May 03, 2021css-conceptscss

Error handling in CSS is taken care by CSS parsers where bad or unsupported syntax will be stripped off and recovered gracefully

Are you actually good at CSS?

May 01, 2021css-practicescss

Assess your CSS proficiency today after years of styling websites, you might be shocked at how much you don't know

On decision of embracing utility-first CSS

Apr 30, 2021css-practicescss

Whether you should start using utility-first CSS in general or Tailwind in more specific?

Stop writing CSS vendor prefixes manually

Apr 29, 2021css-practicescss

Modern CSS has moved away from manual vendor prefixing in favor of automatic prefixing and feature queries

On strategies of CSS minification

Apr 28, 2021css-conceptscss

How CSS optimizers work under the hood by applying different minification techniques on CSS files resulting in smaller file size